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Thread: Buzzsaw Wishlist - Bookmarks

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    Smile Buzzsaw Wishlist - Bookmarks

    Description: Bookmarks (Favourite Folders)

    How Used: Ability for users to create bookmark links in buzzsaw bar for navigation to most commonly accessed folders or files.

    On large projects with complex folder structures navigation through to the most commonly accessed files or folders is long-winded and time consuming. The above would allow quick access to documents that are regularly referenced. i.e. on my current project to get to the files I most commonly check/review requires the folder structure to be collapsed a minimum of 6 times. That can be a lot of mouse clicks in a day!

    Feature Affinity: Navigation

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    Default Re: Buzzsaw Wishlist - Bookmarks

    Hey there -

    Sorry I just now found this forum - I noticed your wishlist item and wanted to suggest something:

    Create a folder called "Bookmarks." If you can't create a folder, ask the site admin to give you a folder somewhere with Edit access.

    Select a document or folder that you use often, select Copy, and then go back to your "Bookmarks" folder and select "Paste Link." Now you have quick access!

    One note on this - if you link to a folder, and try to "View" that link, you can see the subfolders embedded on the right-hand side. Then you can double-click on a subfolder and it will navigate you in the tree down to where you need to be.

    Hope that helps!

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