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Thread: Java VM in Autocad.

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    Default Java VM in Autocad.


    I am a hard core programmer in Java and also i am using Autocad since 1 year, know i wanted to develop applications for Autocad. I found that new applications can be built in Autocad with VC++ knowledge. But i don't have any programming expertise in VC++. So, what's my question is it really possible to develop applications using Java VM or Microsoft J++ or shall i have to learn VC++ to really do it? Shall I invest my time into it.

    Any views will be a great help for me.Please do submit any links that will be helpful for my journey.

    Thanks in Advance.

    From - India.

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    Default Re: Java VM in Autocad.

    Arx code can only be written in C++. The latest version of C++ supported by Autodesk is 7.1 which means you need to get a downgrade if you have the latest Visual Studio.

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    Default Re: Java VM in Autocad.

    Java can use ActiveX so you should be able to link to AutoCAD the way you would use Java on Excel or other ActiveX object.

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