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Thread: Ref Edit save as

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    Default Ref Edit save as

    I've just got AutoCAD Mechanical 2004, and in the previous edition i had you were able to use refedit to edit a block and then use the save as function to save this block under a new name and hence not altering the original block.
    This save as function does not seem to be in 2004, does anyone know how to do this function in 2004.


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    Default Re: Ref Edit save as

    I just shuffled through some older versions of CAD and find no instance
    of REFEDIT that allows a save-as during the operation.

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    Default Re: Ref Edit save as

    Quote Originally Posted by mark.horsley
    I've just got AutoCAD Mechanical 2004, and in the previous edition....

    I agree with what Michael says above - Such functionality has never been available with the RefEdit command in vanilla AutoCAD....

    Was your "Previous Edition" also an Autodesk Mechanical product?

    If yes, maybe it was available - I honestly don't know as I've never used any Autodesk Mechanical Products. I'd therefore like to move this thread to the AutoCAD Mechanical Forum.... Do you agree?

    Thanks, Mike

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