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Thread: 2009 button images replaced 2008 button images

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    Default 2009 button images replaced 2008 button images

    Our previous CAD manager built custom tool bars for our company. Instead of putting them on the network, he put them individually on each computer. When I became Cad Manger I migrated everything to the Network. It took a bit to get everything straitened out but I thought I had. The other day all the custom button images changed to the cloud/question and all of the "standard" images changed to the 2009/2010 images. I figured out the problem and have all my images back, but all the others have changed back to the standard 2008 images. I'm just wondering if anyone knows why/how 2008 was able to access the image library from 2009/2010.

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    Default Re: 2009 button images replaced 2008 button images

    It is probably because the stock image library will be located higher up in your options search path than the original 2008 image library. Under Options - Files Tab - Support File Search Path, check to see which is getting indexed first.

    Having the images you want in the right folder will probably help get things pulled correctly.

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