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Thread: Revit Structure Collaboration

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    Default Revit Structure Collaboration

    Hello AUGI Members,

    We are a Structural engineering firm using Revit Structure 2010 on multiple projects with various architectural organizations around the country. I all cases we exchange Revit models ("architect model to structural engineer" & "structural model to architect") to incorporate design updates and modifications.

    We utilize this method because attempting to use the tool in the publized manner (share model, information and updates via communication lines in real time) where the architect hosts the central model file and the structural engineer accesses the model over the web to makes changes to the structural worksets and then saves the revised structural model back to the central file on the architects server......was inefficient and just took too much time...!

    Our office has a 30mb symetrical internet connection and even with this bandwidth the process was too slow not working well at all.

    Does anyone successfully utilize Revit and collaborate in the manner it is intended to be used....?? If so if it is not too much trouble I would like to ask for some advise on how to accomplish this effectively and productively.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation regarding this matter....!


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    Default Re: Revit Structure Collaboration

    Currently we exchange models once a week via FTP server....

    At AU there was a group that said their service was as fast as if on a local LAN but on a WAN....been meaning to look into it some more..... I think it was Globalscape....
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    Default Re: Revit Structure Collaboration

    This post is of a similar topic.


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