I was loking at TS#13934007 ( Appending the Civil 3D 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack to an Existing Administrative Image) and thought there should be a way to this for AutoCAD 2010 as well. AutoDESK says you can't but I have found a way to do it. Below are the steps I took:

-Create a deployment for AutoCAD 2010 with Update 1
-Download the file [ autocad2010subscription1.exe ] from the Subscriotion web site.
-Unzip the file.
-From the newly unzipped folder, I copied the folder [ CDROM1 ] to [ \AdminImage\x86\ServicePacks ] and renamed it [ SAP ].
-Browse to the administrative image [ \AdminImage\ ] folder and open the administrative
image INI file in Notepad (the one named <deployment name>.ini, not AdminImage.ini.
-Add the following lines at the end of the section #==================== ACAD Prerequisite

PRODUCT_NAME=2010 Subscription Advantage Pack

-A few lines later in the #==================== ACAD
section, update the Postrequisite variable to: POSTREQUISITE=SAP
-Save the INI file and run the install.

Gerald Hammerling
PAT Office Lead (CAD Administrator)
Hatch, Niagara Falls, ON, CA