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Thread: opening solidworks 2010 files in inventor 2010?

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    Default opening solidworks 2010 files in inventor 2010?

    I am trying to open some Solidworks files (.sldprt & .sldasm) in Inventor 2010. I was able to do this with files created on an older version of solidworks but this batch was created with the newest solidworks version. Inventor pops up a Translation report in the web browser with the error below. Is there a way to open these files?


    Autodesk Inventor Translation Report Friday, December 18, 2009 (4:36 PM)
    Source File: C:\Users\chuck\Documents\Ashley Parts\TDG Logo\G.SLDPRT
    Translator Type: SolidWorks Sending System: SolidWorks
    Author: Translation Time: 00:00:00

    Import Type: N/A
    Entity Types to Import: Solids, Surfaces, Wires
    Import Assembly as Single Part: No
    Create Surfaces As: Single Composite Feature

    Import Multiple Solid Parts as Assembly: No
    Check Parts during Load: No
    Auto Stitch and Promote: N/A
    Enable Advanced Healing: No

    The following table lists the parts and assemblies created in Inventor:

    +/- Name Inventor File Status
    [-] G.ipt C:\Users\chuck\Documents\Ashley Parts\Nozzle\Imported Components\G\G.ipt Error
    Severity Entity Id Message
    Error 0 Translation failed. This version is not supported.

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    Default Re: opening solidworks 2010 files in inventor 2010?

    No, SW2010 came out after IV2010 so they didn't have access to the software updates. IV2011 will be able to do it. As far as what you have right now you will have to get them as STEP files.

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