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Thread: Embodied CO2 accouting in Revit

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    Default Embodied CO2 accouting in Revit

    Here's my project: Using Revit to measure the embodied energy, in terms of CO2, of a building. Although my firm usually analyzes a building's operational energy, we haven't yet studied the embodied energy of a building's materials.

    The Revit prep work--creating some shared parameters for materials, organizing schedules and material takeoffs--is straight forward. But what source do we use for our material data? I realize that measuring energy/carbon flows is a nebulous, complex thing, which means this can only be a rough estimate. So far, I've found these sites:

    EC LCA Tools
    BFRL’s BEES Software
    Pharos Project (in development)
    BLDG 2.0 (in development)

    Has anyone done research on this? Any advice is appreciated!

    Do you think Autodesk would include this sort of material information in future releases?
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