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    Question sqlite provider

    Has anyone been able to succesfully connect to a sqlite database with the 3.5 FDO provider for Map 2010? I have loaded the sqlite.dll into the c:/Program Files.....etc
    and also added to the provider.xml the correct tags so that in Map 3d the Data Connect screen lets you pick sqlite as a datasource. But when I pick sqlite in the data connect box it lets me pick and browse for the .db file but it gives me "connection failed" when I select connect. I dont know if am missing something or not. I also tried this with the 3.4 sqlite.dll and provider.xml so I dont think its a problem with a the wrong version. Any help would be great.

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    Default Re: sqlite provider

    You can only use FDO providers targeting the version of FDO that AutoCAD Map is built for. In this case, for AutoCAD Map 2010 it is 3.4, so you must use a 3.4.x provider.

    - Jackie

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