Hello,another question on importing points?

LDD 2008:
I am trying to import survey points,
I have created a coded description library,
I have created a series of blocks associated with the point descriptions,
I have created a figure_prefix.txt file.

I have imported the description key file into the description key manager.
In the Point Settings,Insert tab,I have set the search path to the location of the blocks,and elected the Use Current Point Label Style When Inserting Points.Under the Description Keys tab I have elected Ascending and both Matching options.

Under Point Label Styles:
Name,active desckeys only
Data,Point number
Insert Common Symbol...all the blocks are shown in the pull down
Layer set to *Current*...not all layers are shown in the pull down

Description Keys
DescKey Matching On
DescKey File is set to current file in description key manager
Substitute DescKey Description is checked
Insert DescKey Symbol is checked

When importing,The points show up with description but no symbols.....

I think that the figure_prefix library is not located in the right directory/folder/file???
Also is there a way to populate point groups when importing points?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, rlshound