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Thread: Generic Annotations - RAC 2010

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    Default Generic Annotations - RAC 2010

    We are trying to make a keyplan for a building we are working on, and am running into a problem. We are making it a generic annotation, which would seem to be correct, but some of the lines are to small, so we get that annoying error of "Element is to small on screen", we can scale it up, and get our shape, then scale it back down, but the problem persists when trying to add filled regions. Does anyone else run into this, and what have some of you done in this situation.

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    Default Re: Generic Annotations - RAC 2010

    One method:

    Try doing your key plan in a legend view(s), as you can control it's scale like any other view.

    The other advantage is you can place the same legend view on multiple sheets.

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    Default Re: Generic Annotations - RAC 2010

    While using a legend does that you will still get an error of Element is to small on screen in a legend as well. We use Generic Annotations for our Key Plans because a legend cannot be saved out and we do not encourage disciplines to open each other's central files. With the Generic Annotation Family you can save it with the project. We have had issues with the Element too small on screen but not with a Key Plan. How detailed are you making your key plan? It would seem basic linework shapes would be sufficient. Maybe there is a way to get the point across without showing as much detail? There are other posts on here about the "element too small on screen" error and fixes for it. I had the biggest issue with making our logo a rfa. i ended up having to use lines to make letters with a thick lineweight because it didnt allow me to hatch someone so small.

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