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Thread: Workset violation when dimensioning from Architectural model

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    Unhappy Workset violation when dimensioning from Architectural model

    I'm working on a Revit MEP model with worksharing enabled and multiple people working on different local files. I'm working in an HVAC workset and another guy is working in Hydronic and neither of us is intentionally messing with the linked Architectural model, which is on its own workset, "Architectural Model". However, I've noticed that when I try to dimension certain mechanical elements to the Arch model, I get a worksharing violation saying that I need to wait for the other guy to relinquish his elements before I can lock my dimension.

    This is really annoying because most of the time, I'm just trying to fix my diffuser spacing between lights or other architectural elements by applying an equal length constraint (which I'd typically delete afterward anyway). The Arch model is pinned, so it shouldn't be moving at all, but it seems that the act of dimensioning to it registers as an attempt to edit it. It works OK if I'm the only one working at the time, because I'm the only one trying to "edit" the linked Arch model, or if I was the first one to do anything to it (but then the other guy has the same problem).

    Has anyone else encountered this issue, and if so, have you figured out how to deal with it? I am so afraid to apply constraints anywhere because Revit is pretty dumb when it comes to acutally dealing with them - it just says that a constraint has been violated rather than finding an appropriate solution.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Workset violation when dimensioning from Architectural model

    If everyone saves to central and creates a new local copy I would think it would fix whatever problem you're having. It's hard to say what specifically is happening, but having everyone save and make a new copy solves most worksharing problems.

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    Default Re: Workset violation when dimensioning from Architectural model

    Are you sure your Arch link is not detached and still performing as a central file with some elements or work sets checked out by yourself or one of your co workers? Just a thought.

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