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    Default ???? for Icons

    I just created fresh enterprize and main cuix files in acad architecture 2010 as guided by Robert Bell's AU session. I loaded the ACA.cuix as a partial to the enterprize (the core ootb cui) along with few others provided by autodesk to get my drop down menus and toolbars back.

    When I drag things from the cui to a workspace specific quick access toolbar the icons display just fine and everything looks good.

    However, as soon I close the cui many of the icons change to ? ? question marks

    This means I have no visual clue as to which is which.

    Anybody know how to fix this????

    Following Robert Bell's directions has solved a multitude of the issues I was having, but I can't seem to get over this one last hurdle.

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    Default Re: ???? for Icons

    Have you renamed any of the OOTB CUIx files to different names? This might be causing them to lose their resource file.
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