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Thread: Saving Inventor 2009 to earlier version

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    Default Saving Inventor 2009 to earlier version

    How can I save my Inventor 2009 files and use them on a 2008 version?

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    Default Re: Saving Inventor 2009 to earlier version

    You can't by saving them as Inventor files. You can only open older files with a newer version of the software, there is no backwards compatability.

    However, there is nothing stopping you saving them as IGES, SAT or STEP files and then importing them into the older software.

    The only downside to this is that you will loose the history of the part(s). Even this can be overcome to some extent - logon to the Autodesk Labs web site and download the "feature recognition" software. When you install it make sure you select the correct version for software you are running. V2008 is covered.

    Whilst it is not perfect, it does work quite well and you should be able to rebuild a quite reasonable history tree. This will allow you to edit the features.



    P.S. I can't believe that there have been 295 views to this post before me and no one has bothered to answer your question????
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