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Thread: Editing .DWG files in Inventor.

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    Default Editing .DWG files in Inventor.

    Is this possible? I am about to install Inventor on my PC with the hopes of being able to edit .dwg files. I am currently using Solid Edge but some files are in .dwg and I don't own autoCAD so I would like to know if I can just install Inventor to edit these files?

    And if so, is it limited?

    Thanks in advance guys.

    P.S great site. I've been a long time reader first time poster.


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    Default Re: Editing .DWG files in Inventor.

    The simple answer is no you cannot. You can do the following: open a drawing file, copy or cut & paste from a .dwg into Inventor sketcher, add a drawing sheet, print and measure. You can also output files in .dwg format.

    If you are intending loading Inventor Professional Suite this will not be a problem as it ships with AutoCAD Mechanical included.


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