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    hi Lisp experts.. i am looking for a lisp..that do auto numbering along with a polyline..
    now i am using measure with a block, then explode and finally use the express tools text auto numbering to do do this task.
    here i am attaching an image to explain more..
    thanks in advance..
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    I think you can actually accomplish that using a macro in CUI, especially if the block is always the same and the distance to measure is always the same. After doing the measure simply have TCount select previous to select the blocks placed - you'll need the command-line version though.

    The problem with TCount & lisp is that TCount can't be called as a normal command from Lisp - thus arguments can't be sent to it. But you can use it normally in macros. If you do want to accomplish this through lisp, then you'll basically need to rewrite TCount (or part thereof) inside your defun.

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    under this thread, after information available on internet I want to share attached file (autolisp) for Auto numbering for tree network. May be useful to someone. I am a fresher to Autolisp. Codes are developed by me as a routine requirement for my work.


    J Majmudar
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    Default Re: Auto Numbering

    Very late, my tool in lisp to achieve this style of measurement
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