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Thread: [2010] Consistent windows accelerator keys (OPEN)

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    Default [2010] Consistent windows accelerator keys (OPEN)

    I would like to see
    Used consistently throughout the program.

    Some dialog boxes have the button "ALL" but we cannot use Ctrl+A
    Some dialog boxes we can use Ctrl+A but no button "ALL"

    In the project browser we cannot even use Ctrl+A

    Also, when selecting multiple model categories we hold down shift and removing a few we hold down alt. Why is this opposite when modeling? Shift is remove from selection and alt is add.

    It appears that every dialog box has it's own accelerator standards.
    In VG I can hold shift down when making a group selection in every tab except for filters.
    I have to pick every filter independently.
    If I want to add a selection of newly created filters I have to pick each one by one.

    Why oh why?

    If changing to the ribbon was a Microsoft standard than why didn't the implementation of the MS windows accelerator keys come up in the programming discussion?


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    Default Re: [2010] Consistent windows accelerator keys (OPEN)

    I will leave this thread here for discussion, but as this is platform specific, please use the RAC Wish List forum for these.
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