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Thread: Count blocks in a VB script

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    Question Count blocks in a VB script

    I'm not that familiar with VB script.

    Can I count blocks (and mvblocks) from there? I want to do this as part of a formula in a property set, or in a schedule.


    Kim M.

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    Default Re: Count blocks in a VB script

    No, you cannot do that.

    But if you are using property set data, why aren't you simply using the QTY column in ACA/MEP schedules?
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    Default Re: Count blocks in a VB script

    no not in the formula in a property set.

    But you can use vba to count the block (and mvblocks) and fill in the property set data(that you def.) with the count.

    With the MvBlock count MvBlocks and then up date the MvBock Styles Defintions Qty Property(this you will need to def.). But with blocks you will have to count the blocks and then up data the Qty Property(this you will need to def.) for each blocks.

    The Vba program will need to run to up date the count if it change.

    We use a program that get lite and vent form the door and windows total it by rooms and set the lite and vent property for the space in each rooms to the total. This is one thing that AutoDesk should have done.
    update to 2011
    I am using ADT 2007 08/06/2008

    PS. If you use any Code I post or Down Load Attachment I would like to know if it was helpful. So please post reply to this thread, on how you use the code or down load. Thank You

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