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Thread: Cable Tray Styles

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    Default Cable Tray Styles

    Hi All!

    I would like to be able to modify the cable tray styles in US Imperial to make them look like actual tray. I heard that the tray in Metric looks somewhat real but I cant figure it out...

    Is there somewhere that I can find the procedure for creatinga new type of tray that walsk me through how do it? Or does someone know who could walk me through it?

    I am not even sure what to search for in order to find what I want.

    Any tips?


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    Default Re: Cable Tray Styles

    You might want to reverse engineer it to make an imperial version....

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    Default Re: Cable Tray Styles

    Hey Trevor,

    I think it's the UK version and not the US Metric version that draws the tray "realistic". I've confirmed it's not the Metric version but don't have the UK MEP loaded to confirm this.

    Like Christopher said it may be easiest to reverse engineer the catalog that works or copy the catalog and modify it to your needs.
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