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Thread: plotting raster images

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    Default plotting raster images

    I am trying to improve upon the results we get when plotting digital photos as part of a presentation package (AutoCAD 2005). I realize this is a big topic which involves 1) the image quality and resolution 2) using the correct driver and settings for the plot device 3) the plot device itself and 4) the ink and paper media.

    So starting with number 1), since AutoCAD is vector based, resolution-independent, how do you choose an image size to begin with? The rules of printed output size and resolution don't apply here, but there must be a best practice. I'm wondering if I should even be plotting images from AutoCAD at all, or if I should have a titleblock set up in Photoshop for plotting the presentation work.

    As a test I took an image, 2048x1536 jpeg, and printed it from Photo shop using 300 dpi which results in an image about 6.8" wide. I took the same image and inserted it into AutoCAD 2005 giving it a width of 6.8" (though from what I understand - this could be a mile wide or 1" wide and it wouldn't matter). The printed results are roughly the same quality, which makes sense...but my question is, if I wanted to print this image 24x36, in photoshop that would reduce the quality of my print to 56.8 dpi. AutoCAD on the other hand could do this, and it would appear as clear as the small print?

    Can someone explain?



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    Default Re: plotting raster images


    Look into the GRAPHICS features of your CTB
    Also look at th plot tab of OPTIONS
    and see if you have selected OLE Plot Quality
    when plotting OLE objects?

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