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    Default Cui files in transfer

    I'm currently having issues when I start Autocad. I arrange my toolbars then exit Autocad only to have them go back to previous locations upon start up. I've looked in my Customization Interface and I notice that there are some odd CUI files when I click on the transfer tab at the top. How do you remove cui files from this interface?

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    Default Re: Cui files in transfer

    The CUIx files listed in the dropdown list on the transfer tab are only most recently used files (in the lower half of the list). They are not loaded.

    The only CUIx files really loaded are shown in the Customize tab.

    Docked toolbar locations still depend on the load order of the CUIx files. If you try to dock a toolbar "above" a toolbar that really loads first, the first loaded toolbar will win the next time you start AutoCAD.

    So switch to a dual monitor setup and put all the toolbars on the secondary monitor in the order you wish. If that is not possible, create a workspace to save the layout and just restore that workspace when you restart AutoCAD. Make sure to not have the Automatically Save Changes option selected for workspaces. It is far better to explicitly save workspace changes.
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