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Thread: Autodesk and DFS - (Windows Vista sp2 and Windows 7)

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    Default Autodesk and DFS - (Windows Vista sp2 and Windows 7)

    Morning Everyone.

    As i'm sure everyone that uses DFS on their network is aware that with Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows 7, you cannot browse properly through the network anymore from inside some Autodesk products. This might be old hat for some people but it could be used as a referance for others.

    With AutoCAD & Revit it was possible to double click to certain point and then you double clicking navigation would stop. In AutoCAD you can can get around this by clicking once on the required folder (note: folders now have shortcut icons), and then clicking the Open/Save button or pressing the "Enter" key.

    Now in Revit this does not work, but if you type anything into the file name box and then click the folder again and then click the Open/Save button, it will now take you into the required folder.

    Typing in the folder name into the file name and pressing "Enter" key or the Open/Save, which is why many people who work this way didn't realize there was a problem in the first place.

    Lastly - If you drag the folder into the Favorites Bar on the left hand side creating a shortcut for the folder and clicking on that, it will also allow access directly to that folder again bypassing the issue.

    Please note I am still to verify this all with the other Autodesk products.

    BUT Design Review 2010 does NOT have any problems with navigation thought the DFS Network.
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