I have a 3D dilemma. We have a project with equipment, buildings, steel in 3D models.
The issue drawings are layouts with XCLIPPED viewports of the various references.
We would like to take the 3D issue drawings and save them as flat 2D versions with
all linework inside the drawing to give a vendor to work on. I know there's FLATTEN and
FLATSHOT but they do not do a complete job of processing a complete 3D drawing into 2D.

I took a look at Bentley Drawing Flattener. This utility comes with a demo copy of
Bentley AutoPlant. The utility is wonderful. It will process a 3D DWG into a 2D DWG.
All reference lines are copied in, blocks remain blocks, you keep your layout, cleanup
work is minimul when using this utility. The problem is that this utility is from one of
Autodesk's competitors and is not available on it's own. You must buy a copy of
Bentley AutoPlant to get the utility. (You can download a 30 day demo to check it
out for yourself.)

Does anyone know of a product for sale that does what the Bentley Drawing Flattener
does? I've tried searching and have not found anything similar yet. If you know of
something I'd appreciate hearing from you. If you're a creative type who can create a
product similar to Bentley Drawing Flattener I think you could make some money.
There is a BIG need for a product like this.

Steve Chestnut