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Thread: Trouble opening older Autocad files.

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    Default Trouble opening older Autocad files.

    I'm new here and not sure if this is the proper forum to post this in.

    We are using Autocad Mechanical 2009 and we purchased another company and they sent us all their drawings in an earlier version of Autocad. Not sure what version it was but it was at least 3 years ago from the date's on the files.

    Anyway when we first open the file up it looks fine but we get a message that pops up about Object/ARX and no matter what option you click it messes up the drawing dimension text and makes it unreadable even though before you click on anything it reads fine.

    We already have the latest Object/ARX update and we clicked the check web for enablers.

    I have attached a picture of what pops up.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Default Re: Trouble opening older Autocad files.

    You need to find out what 3rd-party application was used to create the proxie objects. It might have been some vertical of Autodesk, but it could also be something outside of Autodesk.

    P.S. I moved your post into the AutoCAD forums because the Design Review forum was not the correct forum.
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