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Thread: Creating fill hatch with an island

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    Default Creating fill hatch with an island


    In AutoCAD you can hatch an area with an island in the middle (hole) by selecting both boundaries. In Impression I am creating my hatches by dragging the styles onto my layers set up in AutoCAD for speed and also so that when the CAD file changes I can simply update CAD geometry to quickly amend the Impression file.

    At the moment if I have 2 polylines in CAD one inside the other to represent a hole in the outer boundary, when I drop a style onto this layer both boundaries are filled. Is there a way you can set Impression up so that the outer boundary will hatch until it reaches the inner boundary... thus leaving a hole in the middle? I know you can area fill but if there are a number of areas like this it can slow down creating the Impression render, plus will need re-doing if the CAD geometry changes.

    Does anyone know if this is possible, i hope you understand what i mean


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    Default Re: Creating fill hatch with an island

    I cant think of a way to achieve this in Impression unfortunately, but if it makes it easier could you hatch in AuotCAD, make it associative, so that if the geometry changes your hatch will change automatically. If it is on a seperate layer then applying a style to it in impression should be realtively straightforward.

    If the CAD needs updating wont the impression update automatically if it is set-up this way?

    I know its not the answer your looking for but it might save some time!

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    Default Re: Creating fill hatch with an island

    What I have done is hatch the area in AutoCAD then replace the hatch with a texture in Impression.
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    Default Re: Creating fill hatch with an island

    Right click the hatch, select Edit hatch. Ensure hatch is associative, and generate polyline boundary if needed. Make sure the island you want to cut out is a closed polyline. In the Edit Hatch window, click Add Select Objects. Select the island polyline. Click OK. It will be subtracted from the main hatch.

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