In AutoCAD you can hatch an area with an island in the middle (hole) by selecting both boundaries. In Impression I am creating my hatches by dragging the styles onto my layers set up in AutoCAD for speed and also so that when the CAD file changes I can simply update CAD geometry to quickly amend the Impression file.

At the moment if I have 2 polylines in CAD one inside the other to represent a hole in the outer boundary, when I drop a style onto this layer both boundaries are filled. Is there a way you can set Impression up so that the outer boundary will hatch until it reaches the inner boundary... thus leaving a hole in the middle? I know you can area fill but if there are a number of areas like this it can slow down creating the Impression render, plus will need re-doing if the CAD geometry changes.

Does anyone know if this is possible, i hope you understand what i mean