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    Yet another silly question.
    Has anyone been asked to provide schematic and detailed drainage information in revit structural.
    i simply have no idea where to start with creating manholes and drainage runs in revit.
    is it feasable?
    is it reasonable?
    is it practicable?
    thanks in advance

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    To what extent are you talking? Actual hydraulic drawings? Or you need to show some existing/proposed drainage adjacent to your building?

    Obviously Revit MEP is built for this purpose, short answer is RST cannot easily do the task. And no it would not in my opinion be feasiable to try to create hydraulic drawings with RST. But you can certainly model up what you require simply for contextual use in structural drawings.

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    I started to look at this and built a few families a little while ago.

    Manhole (Inspection chambers)
    Manhole rings

    As structural Engineers we design the foundations and the drainage, and there is always that thing about where will the drainage cross my foundatons. If using piles and gound beams do I make the beam deeper and let the pipe go through or can I move the ground beam up above of drop it below?

    To my mind detailing the drainage in 3D is the logical way forward.

    So If anyone else has done this in RST both Stephen and I would love to see examples.

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