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Thread: Export to GBS, Too many exterior shades

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    Default Export to GBS, Too many exterior shades

    I am attempting to use an architectural early design model to build an energy model. I was able to build the spaces and get them to be pretty accurate.

    When I exported to GBS, I recieved the following message for the Run Status:

    Issue: Your model has exceeded the limits of DOE-2.2. The limits exceeded are listed below: <br/> too many exterior shades (1185), 1024 maximum allowed. Try removing exterior shading surfaces (overhans and fins) that do not significantly shade the building. Be sure to leave shading surfaces that shade windows. <br/>

    It was suggested that the curtain wall being recessed created shading surfaces. I deleted curtainwall along one of the walls to see if it reduced the number of exterior shades. I was able to export to GBS.

    I tried increasing the thickness of the curtain wall to see if it was the same thicknes of the wall it would eliminate the exterior shading. I tried exporting again, and failure.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas what can be done to remedy this issue?


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    Default Re: Export to GBS, Too many exterior shades

    Try offsetting the glass in the curtain wall so that they are flush with the exterior face of the mullions. Perhaps it is all those mullions hanging out past the glazing that are considered shading surfaces.

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