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Thread: Revit to Solid Works exporting?

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    Default Revit to Solid Works exporting?

    We have a client who is running Solid Works. Does anyone know if Revit will export to a IGES or ISTEP format? I have sent our client a .SAT file but much of the information was missing. Any help?

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    Default Re: Revit to Solid Works exporting?

    I think you're stuck with DWG/DXF.

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    Default Re: Revit to Solid Works exporting?

    Hey Tom, I faced a similar issue when my client wanted my revit glass panel models in .sat format for use in SW. Most of the model data was missing and the model got imported as one block, which was a huge concern. After some research I tried a trial version on Bimdex plugin to export my revit models to solidworks and I was more than happy with its performance as it maintained the hierarchy of the components. Its far better than any other solution I tried for this purpose.

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