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Thread: Trouble with Joints in Inventor Dynamic Simulation

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    Default Trouble with Joints in Inventor Dynamic Simulation


    I have a couple of questions about Dynamic Simulation.

    Firstly, what is it based on? Is it still ADAMS or have they moved to something else (I can't find anything about this on the net)? It seems reasonably powerful in terms of what it lets you do, how does it compare to the other dynamic simulation packages available?

    Second question is this. I'm trying to control my dynamic simulation from a spreadsheet, so I have parameter names in the spreadsheet that correspond to joint stiffnesses/initial positions etc. in the model. I can go through all these and dutifully apply the initial positions to all the joints by typing in the parameter names only to have them overwritten as soon as anything moves in the assembly environment (which happens very easily as I can't constrain the model in the assembly environment without it stopping the dynamic simulation model being a welded group!). Any help on this will be much appreciated.
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