We have long been told that Revit requires a gigabit network, and anecdotal evidence certainly bears that out in my experience. But anecdotal evidence isn't gonna pay the bills, so I am trying to actually prove that gigabit networking, and potentially even dedicated NICs over motherboard based NICs, are of value. So I have tested a few configurations and timed the opening of a large(ish) 100MB plus file over the network. While timing the open I also have Resource Monitor open to the Network tab. Well, network utilization never goes over about 6%, which is basically saturating a 100MB network, what with overhead and such. But I would think on a gigabit network I would see more. Probably not saturation, but certainly more. Windows says I have a gigabit connection. The server says I have a gigabit connection. The switch says I have a gigabit connection. There is no one else in the office so I shouldn't be limited by traffic at the switch. But I can't get any better than some 60MB/s spikes. I even tried setting the NIC manually to use gigabit full duplexing, rather than automatic speed and duplexing. Exactly the same results either way.

So, anyone have any thoughts? Has anyone actually seen Revit use more of a gigabit network?