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Thread: Door not visible in plan

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    Smile Door not visible in plan

    I've placed a standard door into my plan. i can select it, but the door is not visible. please advise.

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    Cool Re: Door not visible in plan

    Check a few things:

    1.Make sure Door category is turned on in the view under view properties>visibility graphics.

    2. Make sure the door is on the correct workset and that the workset is turned on in the view.

    3. Click the "light bulb" icon in the lower left portion of the screen to show hidden elements--it will turn on hidden objects with a purple/pink color--see if you can see the door. If so, select it and choose unhide element.

    4. Click the "sunglasses" tool next to the light bulb and restore the view.

    5. Place another door and see if it is visible.

    6. Check the View Range of the view under view properties and make sure the cut plane is set at a height which cuts thru the door.

    7. Open the door family itself, and look at visibility settings for plan, RCP, 3D, etc
    and see if any are unchecked.

    8. Try loading a different door family and place it in a wall and see if it shows up.

    9. If none of that works, create a new project, place a wall and door and see if it shows up.

    good luck!

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    Default Re: Door not visible in plan

    Or you can just check if there is a detail item(filled region) above your element. Send it to the back, or delete it.

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    Default Re: Door not visible in plan

    When that happens to me, most often it's because of a thin floor finish object sitting on top of my floor level, at +1/8" or something. The door plan swing and panel symbolic lines exist at the floor level, so if anything is above the floor level where the door is, those lines well get obscured. Try changing to wire frame and see what happens. If the door appears, then there's something obscuring it. You can either hide the offending object, or make the offending object transparent in the view.
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    Default Re: Door not visible in plan

    I know I'm three years late to this discussion, but another option that will work is if you go into the door family and change the elevation of the plan swing detail elements. Since most finish floors are 1" or less, raise the detail elements 2" - or whatever value it takes to get the plan swing above the thickness of the finished floor that you are putting in. As long as you are above the finished floor and below the cut plane of the view, the plan swing elements will show. Naturally, since they are detail elements, they are view-specific, and only show in plan views. The main advantage to this is that you make one edit to the door family, reload it, and every instance of that family within the project is updated instantly.

    I realize that if the doors are in a linked file (as mine were), that this may not be an option; however contact whoever sent you the link and explain this. They may be willing to change their door family (or families), as it may work to their advantage as well.

    Another disadvantage is when upgrading the software from an older version, the new version will automatically point to its own library of out-of-the-box families. You can go to "Change Locations" to add the library with the modified doors to the list.

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