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Thread: ADT Match Properties

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    Default ADT Match Properties

    Oh to have a match properties that would work on AEC objects similar to the match properties for AutoCAD. Now that would be brilliant. I have to give credit to medulla for this one.
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    Default Re: ADT Match Properties

    I would definitely second that motion.... Maybe it should be called Match Style... Especially needed for matching wall styles when there are a lot of them in a drawing, all with very similar names...

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    Yeh, if you can get that in the next service pack that would be great. Oh wait, never mind, I'll just wait until 2007 comes out.
    I wish they this would have been done on ADT 3.0. I bet it's been on the wish list for some time now. I know we've been asking for a match props that would match the pline width for some time before it was put in on either 2004 or 2005. (we skipped a version)
    I can tell you that it would be much easier than searching through 100 beam styles, just to change the size.

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