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Thread: Revision Cloud and Tag

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    Default Revision Cloud and Tag

    Under the "Sheet Issue/Revisions" dialog box, is their a way to manaully control the sequence?

    My reason for asking is, when we place a tag on the revision cloud and change from ADD 1 to CCD1 the number of the tag changes to 3. The number value appears to be pulling from Sheet Issue/Revisions. Since we have CCD1 as number 3 in the list, the tag is populated with the number 3 when essentially it is CCD 1 not 3. Is their a way to control this while still utilizing the Sheet Issue/Revisions dialog?
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    Default Re: Revision Cloud and Tag

    You could make the CCD1 issue a Letter instead of a number. You could aldo delete, or possible combine the previous revisions so that CCD become 1

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