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Thread: DWF composer doesn't run....

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    Question DWF composer doesn't run....

    Dear All,

    Any body face the problem that you installed DWF composer and couldn't run the program?

    I live in Taiwan so my OS is traditional chinese version of Win XP SP2.

    One of my colleagues found if you didn't install any AutoCAD base product( include Map, LDT, ADT..), then the DWF composer will work?????

    That's too strange for AutoCAD user!!!!

    Any solutions?

    Jesse Lee

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    Default Re: DWF composer doesn't run....

    It doesn't matter whether you have another Adesk product installed or not. I have all BSD and Civil products installed on my computer with Composer and it works fine. I show it to students in every class I teach.

    I have no way of knowing if it is supported for your language and character set. I would assume you checked this before purchasing.

    Did you purchase from the Internet or a local reseller? I would certainly contact Adesk support about this.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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