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Thread: Plotting Daily PDF's

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    Default Plotting Daily PDF's

    Our company plots daily .pdf's of drawings we're working on through a script file. The current project we're working on has multiple layouts in each drawing and the script file won't allow for multiple layouts. We're looking at the publish command and even making it go through each command prompt, it gets to the layout section and will only go with one layout.

    Is there any script or lisp routine out that will do what we're looking to do?

    It's also be nice to work with different sized drawings as well but, if that's asking for the moon, we'll slow the countdown on that one.

    My East Coast office is the one that does these daily plots so I'm kind of the middle man on this one. Fire away with questions if you have them and I'll get the answers you need.
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    Default Re: Plotting Daily PDF's

    Do the AutoPublish options work for you? You can find them in the Plot and Publish tab of the options dialog box.
    If you have a technical question, please find the appropriate forum and ask it there.
    You will get a quicker response from your fellow AUGI members than if you sent it to me via a PM or email.

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    Default Re: Plotting Daily PDF's

    I'm running a script that switches layouts within a drawing file. It also loads a saved layer state and sets up the plot stamp parameters. So you should be able to plot multiple drawing layouts in one script. You should also be able to modify the script to select a different paper size for each plot.

    I had a friend help to develop our basic script and I have been modifying it to fit our needs. I'm not an expert at this, but I have been able to get those items to work. My script problems are related to PDF output and the saved file locations (that's why I'm on the forum right now).

    Here is a portion of my script:

    ; Command: -layout
    ; Enter layout option [Copy/Delete/New/Template/Rename/SAveas/Set/?] <set>:
    ; Enter layout to make current <_WSID(11x17)>:
    ; Enter an option [?/Make/Set/New/ON/OFF/Color/Ltype/LWeight/MATerial/Plot/Freeze/Thaw/LOck/Unlock/stAte]:
    ; Enter an option [?/Make/Set/New/ON/OFF/Color/Ltype/LWeight/MATerial/Plot/Freeze/Thaw/LOck/Unlock/stAte]:
    ; Enter an option [?/Save/Restore/Edit/Name/Delete/Import/EXport]:
    ; Enter name of layer state to restore or [?]:

    ; Enter an option [On/OFF/Fields/User Fields/Log file/LOCation/Text Properties/UNits] :
    ; Enter location [TL/TR/BL/BR] <BL>:

    ; Enter stamp orientation [Horizontal/Vertical] <Horizontal>:

    ; Stamp upside-down? [Yes/No] <No>:

    ; Specify plot stamp offset <0'-0 5/32",0'-0 5/32">:
    ; Specify offset relative to [paper Border/printable Area] <printable Area>:

    ; Enter an option [On/OFF/Fields/User Fields/Log file/LOCation/Text Properties/UNits] :
    ; Enter font name <Tahoma>:

    ; Enter text height <0'-0 5/32">:
    ; Place plot stamp on single line? [Yes/No] <Yes>:

    ; Enter an option [On/OFF/Fields/User Fields/Log file/LOCation/Text Properties/UNits] :

    ; Command: -plot
    ; Detailed plot configuration? [Yes/No] <No>:
    ; Enter a layout name or [?] <_WSID(11x17)>:
    ; Enter a page setup name <>:

    ; Enter an output device name or [?] <SCRIPT_GB_WSID_PDF(11X17).pc3>:
    ; Write the plot to a file [Yes/No] <N>:
    ; Save changes to page setup [Yes/No]? <N>

    ; Proceed with plot [Yes/No] <Y>:
    ; Command: close
    ; Really want to discard all changes to drawing? <N>

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