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Thread: Custom Door Swings

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    Default Custom Door Swings

    I have a double door that I would like to be tagged in the schedule as 1 door. Both doors are even however I need one door to swing 180 and the other 90 degrees. Is this possible? I am working in AutoCAD 2009.

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    There is no way to independently control the swing of the leaves of a Double door. There are ways to achieve the look you want. How many different opening widths do you need to support, how accurate do the graphics need to be and how many different styles can you tolerate? By turning off the display of the Panel and Swing components of the Door in the desired Display Representations, and adding a custom block with the desired graphics, you can have the door swings set however you like. You can also have the block scale with the width of the opening, but if you show the door panel with a thickness (like the Panel component in the Plan Display Representation), the panel thickness will also be scaled, which may or may not be a problem for you. You can get around that by creating a separate style for each opening width, with a custom block drawn just for that opening width, provided you do not mind having extra styles and making certain that the right style is used.

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