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Thread: Navis export option missing from Revit Structure

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    Default Navis export option missing from Revit Structure

    Hi for some reason my export to Navisworks option from the external tools menu on Revit has just disapeared? I think it happened after we had to re-install revit. I worked fine up until this point.

    We've tired re-installing and reparing Navis in the hope the option with reappear back in Revit. No luck. I think the problem is to do with my system registry.

    Does anyone know how to manual re-write your system registery to fix the problem?

    Haven't tired completely removing Revit and Navis and then reinstalling yet.

    Using Navis Manage and Revit Structure 2010.

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    Default Re: Navis export option missing from Revit Structure

    You need to edit the Revit.ini file (in Revit %Insert Flavor here% 2010\Program). There is a section called [ExternalCommands] where you have
    ECCount=some number and many lines like:
    ECName1= ...
    you need to add one number to the ECCount, and add one group of the EC????1, 2, etc to point to the exporter dll, for example:
    ECName1=Navisworks 2010
    ECDescription1=File exporter for Navisworks 2010
    ECAssembly1=C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Navisworks\2010\nwexportrevit2010\nwexportrevit2010_7.dll
    In case you don't have a section ExternalCommands you just copy it exactly as above, otherwise increase ECCount by 1 and change the ECName, description, and so on, so that the above lines use the new ExternalCommandsCount (ECName2, or 3 or 4, etc).
    Of course, if your installation folder is different you need to tell Revit where the dll is.

    Or you could try reinstalling (or restoring) the Export Plugins, not the entire Navisworks.
    Hope this helps.

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