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    Default Dynamic Simulation - Inventor 2010

    I am trying to simulate a foot brake assembly which consists of several welded sub-assemblies. I have put several 3D contact joints so that it stops when hit by a stopper. I have a spring attachment with the lever and base plate. But when I apply the force on the lever, the lever passes through the base plate instead of stopping by the stopper. I have attached the assembly picture. Any ideas or examples similar to this ?
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    Default Re: Dynamic Simulation - Inventor 2010

    In that picture you are not in the Dynamic Simulation environment?

    In the assembly environment you could add Contact Sets.

    If you really intend to be in Dynamic Simulation as the title of your post then you should go to that environment and add a 2D Contact joint (don't need a 3D joint for this).

    Have you read this book

    Can you attach the assembly here?
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