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Thread: doors/windows cutting sweeps above

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    Question doors/windows cutting sweeps above

    We have some variations of compound/stacked walls w/ sweeps built-into the wall style.
    Doors and windows are cutting thru sweeps which are well above the head/opening cut.
    We do not want the door or window to cut anything above it's opening.

    We think this could be related to the "origin" of the profile used for the sweep.

    Any clues?



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    Default Re: doors/windows cutting sweeps above

    You are exactly right if the origin of the sweep intersects an opening the whole sweep is cut off. so the solution is to move your profile up or down(in the family editor) as far as required for it not to cut. Now typically if you create your profile right at the crosshair(origin), you want to create a head trim profile starting from the cross hairs and going up. and a sill or crown starting at the top and going down. Not you will have to off set these slightly(1/8" or something). So if that is a problem, then just move it up the 1/8" in the profile family.
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