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Thread: Revit to Microstation 2D DGN's

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    Default Revit to Microstation 2D DGN's

    We have a project modeled in Revit and we have to provide 2D Microstation DGN files to a client. What are my options here? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Revit to Microstation 2D DGN's

    Export your Sheet Views from Revit
    -Big purple "R" > Export > CAD Formats > DWG (we don't use the export to DGN because it converts to Version 7 and no one uses that anymore)
    - select your Sheet Views (save your set if you want to do this over and over again)
    - set up a layer translation file in the DWG properties tab if the client requires specific layers/levels (and Save it to a .txt file if you need to do this over and over again)
    - Save it down to an AutoCAD 2010 dwg file and if you want to make the Views on the sheets xrefs, check the "Xref views on sheets" option and click "Export"
    - Then, in Microstation, run a batch convert to convert to dgn.

    sounds like a long process but it's really not bad. for some reason Autodesk hasn't made the export to dgn work with the later versions. we've found this to be the best solution to make the files work the best with Microstation v8 XM and V8i.

    Of course, someone else out there may have another solution??

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    Default Re: Revit to Microstation 2D DGN's

    Hello there,

    Sorry for the reviving of an old thread, but we have all our files in Revit and we need to export all files to Microstation pre version 8. What steps would you recommend? If we can't do micostation .dgn easily we need to export to 2000 AutoCAD and have all our items in model space in the same layout as our sheets from Revit. Revit automatically exports in paper and model space layout.

    Can anyone help confirm the easiest steps to get to one of the above? The guidelines received are below:

    The delivery of CAD files must be in pre Version 8 MicroStation format. Under no circumstances will we accept MicroStation version 8 files at this time. MicroStation files are the preferred format for us, but if the is no alternative other than to use AutoCAD the following will apply to allow for proper translation to MicroStation:
    1. Unless otherwise agreed, all drawings must be created as 2 dimensional files.
    2. Drawings should be all in model space, no files should be translated with both paper and model space. Delete any paper space layouts in the file.
    3. If the supplier has used Xrefs and/or viewports to show information, then this information must be merged into the original file during conversion to MicroStation. Therefore, any received electronic drawing will not depend on nor expect to have any external reference files attached.
    4. Only standard AutoCAD line styles are acceptable.
    5. Only standard AutoCAD fonts are acceptable.
    6. Any add on packages for AutoCAD will be tested prior to execution by Engineering Systems to ensure proper translation to MicroStation is possible.
    7. The supplier must purge, audit and run restore on all files before translating.
    8. Nested blocks must not to be used.
    9. Only pre AutoCAD 2004 will be accepted at this time.


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