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Thread: Square Foot Take-off using .dgn file

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    Default Square Foot Take-off using .dgn file

    I am trying to estimate the entire exterior square footage of a building to determine parameters for a building pressure test. My company is commissioning the building, and we have access to the designer's drawings, but they are .dgn. I use AutoCAD MEP 2010, and have Revit MEP 2009,10 & 11. Is there a way to import a .dgn into a Revit model, and once there, can Revit determine the square footage of all exterior surfaces of the building? I am very proficient in 2D AutoCAD, have limited and frustrated experience with Revit (but I keep trying), and know absolutely nothing about Bentley Microstation, except that it uses .dgn format, and that I can import the files with AutoCAD or Revit. I am having trouble with the importing into Revit 2010 right now, and the last error message said that I had an incompatible .dgn format. Before I go through the trouble of trying to get this to work, does anyone know if or how Revit can determine exterior square footage?

    My other option is to print .pdfs of the elevations, floor and roof plans, and get out a scale. I know it works, but it seems crude given how powerful modern software is.

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    Default Re: Square Foot Take-off using .dgn file

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