Morning everyone,

Figured i'd put this on the forum for those that might not have thought of it yet.

Design Review 2011 requires all previous versions of the software uninstalled prior to it being installed, this is all fine and good.

The big problem becomes when you need to install an older version of a software package that you had previously setup a network deployment with Design Review ticked to install.

The 2010 and 2011 Design Review programs use the same folder path and file names for a lot of the files, now installing the older version of the Design Review basically corrupts the install and Design Review no longer works.

I have submitted this as problem with Autodesk, and i've currently replaced the Design Review / DWF Viewer installers in my older test packages and edited the ini's to now install Design Review 2011 when 2009 and 2010 software products that have this as a ticked install option.

Just a heads up for those that haven't thought of it.