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Thread: Ribbon API (not CUI API) - RibbonButtons are tiny

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    Default Ribbon API (not CUI file API) - RibbonButtons are tiny

    I am trying to add a ribbon button with a png file for a picture and some text. I am following the code from CP208-2 from AU. I am adding the button using the following:

    RibbonButton ribButtonTest = new RibbonButton();
    ribButtonTest.Text = "Hello";
    ribButtonTest.ShowText = true;
    ribButtonTest.Image = LoadImage();

    There is a function LoadImage() that is based off the class handout described above, but it does not matter since I can remove this line and still the button is just the size of the text basically.

    With the picture it is clipped and the text appears to the left of the tiny picture. In the AU course they show a button created using this code, but the button appears like the move button in the ribbon.

    I am using ACAD 2011, did something change in this version? Has anyone else out there successfully made a normal or even large size button with 2011 and .net?

    I tried change the size, height, width, orientation etc. properties but nothing seems to change with the button.
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    Default Re: Ribbon API (not CUI API) - RibbonButtons are tiny

    The buttons should be either 16x16 (for small) or 32x32 (for big). With at least some image formats (such as PNG), you must also configure the PNG to be 96dpi, or it will not show up sized correctly in the Ribbon.

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