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Thread: Interior-Exterior Scenes

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    Default Interior-Exterior Scenes

    I am getting started with rendering in Revit 2009. I am working on a number of shots, both interior and exterior that show a wall with windows. My problems are:

    1. Interior scene; the windows are extremely bright and the exterior can't be seen through the windows. I tried exporting a PNG to later do a photomontage, which works fine, but there are parts of the building visible through the window and would like to see them, but because of the blinding brightness of the exterior, this is not possible. I have looked for ways to diminish the brightness of the sun, but couldn't find anything.

    2. The exterior scenes; I can see several windows in these, and some parts of the interior seem to be lighted by the reflection of sun light and became visible trough the windows, but other parts of the interior are dark and the windows just look black. I have placed interior lights to no avail. I have tried rendering with both sun and artificial, and sun only lights, but the black windows remain the same, which makes the rendering look odd, as I can see an interior stair (close to a glazed door) trough one of the black windows, but the background is black.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Interior-Exterior Scenes

    My only advice would be to upgrade to 2011, if you can. (I think the rendering program is much better - don't even bother with 2010).

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