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Thread: Sharing System Families in projects

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    Default Sharing System Families in projects

    Hello, probably an easy question but it's stumping me anyway.

    How do you share custom types of system families. For example, I create a custion spot elevation type with a certain font, leader type, etc within a project. I want to be able to use that same type in other projects. Since system families are not external files, how do i get the information from 1 project to the other. i could create it in each individual project but it seems there has to be an easier way.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Sharing System Families in projects

    1) open the project you want to import system families from
    2) start your new project or open the project you want to import the families into
    3) In your new project Click "Organise" - "Transfer Project standards".....
    The two steps might be named a bit different, I just don´t have an English version installed right now
    As far as i know, you can´t choose single families to import. It´s always the whole lot. But you could purge the Project you import from.

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