Summary: The ability to apply an automatic filter within the layer properties palette to show properties of only the selected items.

Description: Ok... I see this new layer manager palette tool in Acad MEP 2010 and I think it is great to be able to leave it open on another screen for as long as I need it... but it is lacking something special... kind of like the properties window... It needs a checkbox that is like a filter, but shows only the current selection set.

For instance, I have 2,3 4 objects, maybe blocks selected using a quick select, or filter command... have it only display the layers the objects are on.

The properties window would say VARIES, but the palette could display which layers they are actually on... and make it easier to see drawing data.

How Used: I think this would be usable by anyone that has more than 20 layers in a drawing.... so, the entire AEC community.

We have filters for xrefs, active layers, etc... but no easy way to see multiple layer names of a selection set, or 'last' or 'previous' selection sets... I think it would be a VERY cool tool to have, especially for us MEP folks who have to take the backgrounds and make them one color or lineweight so we can draw on top of them.

Cleaning up that data would be easier to troubleshoot.

Feature Affinity: Layer

Submitted By: Bruce Johnson on July 7, 2009