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Thread: Size of Single Line Wye Pipe Fitting

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    Default Size of Single Line Wye Pipe Fitting

    Here is a difficult question about the size of single line wye fittings.

    I attached two wyes that are straight out of the box from Revit
    M_Wye 45 Deg - PVC - Sch 40 – DWV
    M_Wye Combination with 8th Bend - PVC - Sch 40 – DWV

    I know that annotative single line pipe fittings/accessories are suppose to be controlled by the "Pipe Fitting Annotaion Size" found under Mechanical Settings. I am having trouble understanding how this affects the size of the wye fitting symbols, so below is my scenario

    -"Pipe Fitting Annottaion Size" is set to 3
    -View scale is set to 1:100
    -Both wye's have the “Use Annottaion Scale” checked under element properties
    -Both wye’s are 100mm in the view

    If you have the Detail Level set to Medium, you will notice that these two single line wye symbols are not even close to being the same size, even though they are close in size when the Detail Level is set to Fine. Also, the symbol will size with the annotation scale as well as the fitting size...

    I will call the “M_Wye 45 Deg - PVC - Sch 40 – DWV” (Wye A) and the other (Wye B)
    -(Wye A) is 298.5mm in Fine Detail, and roughly 486.4mm in single line “Medium Detail”
    -(Wye B) is 355.2mm in Fine Detail, and roughly 200.2mm when in single line “Medium Detail”

    You will notice that (Wye A) symbol will get bigger when the annotation scale increases or when the fitting size increases, but (Wye B) symbol will increase in size when the annotation scale is increased, and get smaller when the fitting size increases, this all makes no sense to me.

    In AutoCAD, Initial Symbol size at 1:1 x Text Height x Annotation Scale gives you the size of a symbol in model space.

    In Revit, there are a couple more things to consider:
    Pipe Fitting Annotaion Size
    Initial Symbol Line Length
    Annotation Scale
    Fitting Size

    With all of this information, I am trying to figure out the equation that Revit uses to calculate the size of the symbol when inserted into the view. I would also like to know if there is a way to make the symbol only size according to the annotation scale and not the size of the fitting (the same way that valve symbols size)??

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