We have started working on a large assisted living project that has 10-12 "typical" unit types. Is there any way to get a typical unit plan set up that will still calculate totals, etc. for all of the units?

I can create a typical enlarged plan for each unit type showing the necessary work and fixtures, but without the ability to calculate total plumbing fixture units, electrical loads, etc., I'm more or less reduced to calculating the sizes for all of my pipe and electrical equipment serving the individual units by hand, just like AutoCad.

My (limited) understanding of groups and/or links is that even if I copied each unit type to all of the units, there is no way to "extract" the information contained within the group or link. As such, I've more or less resigned myself to calculating everything outside Revit and then adjusting pipe sizes, etc. accordingly, but I thought I would see if anyone has a work-around for this issue first.