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Thread: 2005 TRUE 3D UCS Manipulations...

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    Smile 2005 TRUE 3D UCS Manipulations...

    Using R-2005 EXPRESS TOOLS... you can have complete control of ALL aspects of
    the manipulations of the UCS for 3-D work...
    PIC EXPRESS... TOOLS... UCS... use the the TAB KEY to CHG Directions...
    HIT (C)YCLE... use the CURSOR to ROTATE about the chosen AXIS...
    HIT (V)IEW... the UCS ICON will be FLAT on the screen for lettering...
    HIT (W)ORLD... the UCS ICON will revert to the ACTUAL 3D directions of the drawing...
    HIT (A)NGLE... this will allow the UCS angular relationship to the AXIS to rotate in
    5-10-15-20-etc increments about the chosen CYCLES AXIS...

    ALSO... IF you desire to put TEXT SYMBOLS (degrees) on TEXT in your drawings...
    PIC TEXT to apply symbols tooo... HIT EDIT TEXT... RT-CLK in theTEXT BOX...
    PIC Desired Symbol... CLK-OK... done...

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    Default Re: 2005 TRUE 3D UCS Manipulations...


    Is this a TIP or a question or input methods for 3D work?

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